5 Proven Hacks for Writing ‘Blog post Titles’ everyone will click

Writing an engaging title for your blog post is not only important for cosmetic purpose, but it is also the lifeblood of your Blog’s unique traffic. How many times do you remember clicking on a suggested video while on YouTube that has this intriguing Title? Saying something like “3 Reasons Why I Married a Stripper” or “5 Untold Truths about Flaws in modern education system”.  Well, I do that all the time. And most of the times, they are nothing more than mere clickbait, but sometimes, I end up watching some content of real value. Content is still the king, so no matter how intriguing the title is if the content has no or less value, your engagement will drop over time. Assuming that you are a content creator that creates quality content and is just looking to fill gaps in ‘writing engaging blog post title’ skills. Let us quickly get to 5 proven hacks for writing ‘Blog post titles’ that will help you get new unique visitors.

1. Using List words & Numbers

title example Bloggercentralpk

Using Numbers or list words in your post’s Title make it stand out in SERP results. It also gives readers more information of the post e.g. consider these titles below in which digits and list words are highlighted are written in bold.

10 obvious Reasons why Snackable content gets more Social shares

5 Quick Tips to get fit for stay home Moms

More examples of List words to use in Blog post Titles are

USE LIST WORDS in post Titles










2. Audience Psyche & Post titles

If you know the psyche of your audience or simply the psyche of general readers, you can create an engaging Title more easily. e.g. if you write in skin care niche or about acne, you can write a headline like “Find Out How I Cured My Acne Scars in just 5 Days” instead of “Acne Scars Removal Cream”.

Also, keeping in view the prevalent injustice everywhere in the world, today’s reader is urged to click something with a title that induces distrust. For example, consider these examples

  • 7 Lies that Your Realtor will try to Tell you in Pakistan
  • Coke is Bad for health, but isn’t Diet Coke even worse?

3. Make use of the 5 W’s

 Question words

Back to the basics, use the 5 W’sWhat, Why, Who, When, Where’, to beautify Your Post Titles. It is obvious that your readers searching for something on Google want answers to a specific question and if the exact question appears in the search results, they will quickly click the link that leads to your blog post instead of a boring one. Also questions are always a good way to provoke curiosity.

4. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate or controversify

Well I am not sue if controversify is a word or not, but you get the idea. If you are a news & media website owner or a tech blogger, you must be familiar with this technique. Titles that evoke controversy always get more curious visitors to click. Consider this title as an example. “Why Huawei D5 is a piece of crap”.  With no offense to Huawei users, this headline is both catchy and provokes curiosity in even non Huawei users who are just excited about phones or tech news.

5. Align content with the Title

Although all the pro bloggers agree on the fact that we must spend a decent amount of time to select an engaging headline for the blog post. Some even say that 80% of the time should be spent on Title, opening and closing of the post, but you must ensure that your content is actually aligned with your smart title text because you need to ensure that you retain the visitors. Retention is directly dependent upon quality of the content you offer to your visitors. You can read my other blog post in which I discussed about snackable content and what are the practices that you can use to enhance your content’s engagement.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Things to keep in mind while using above techniques, and a few good examples in the end

Character length for Title to show in SERP

Keep an eye on Character count in your title. If the title becomes too long it will be cut in Google SERP and all in vain. To avoid that make sure to keep the length of the Blog Post Title to 56 characters.

  • Do not ignore your focus Keyword while only focusing on a smart title text. You must smartly place your focus keyword at a decent position in blog post title. Do not forget the basics while beautifying the titles of your posts.
  • Always keep the content relevant to the Title and ensure to keep the readers engaged throughout the read, by using infographics, media and Gifs (whatever you like) to keep that bounce rate low.

In the end, do not hesitate to do Alpha-beta test, try different title writing techniques for same niche and choose whichever performs well according to your target audience and niche. Best of luck with writing ‘Blog post Titles’ everyone will click using above techniques. If you want to get some more ideas about writing engaging title along with an awesome free Title generator (online tool), please drop me an email at with the subject I want title hacks and free tool.

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