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Difficulties That You May Have With Blogging

February 10, 2019 in Blogging

Have you ever looked at a blog that only had a few posts and no followers? Most people start blogs without knowing that they will need to put in hard work to get to the number of followers that they want. Successful blogs are based on having traffic to your site, quality writing, and sticking with the blog even when it seems like it’s not going anywhere.

When you create a blog, your first priority should be writing quality pieces. This step is most important because even if you get traffic to your site, what will they read? The content that you write needs to be high quality to ensure that people continue to come back. Once you have followers, a lot of your site traffic will be returning visits; therefore, you should try to give your readers the best writing that you can. People aren’t going to want to come back and read your blog if your content doesn’t have structure, good spelling, or good grammar.

Difficulties That You May Have With Blogging

After you’ve wrote a few blog posts, you may run into the problem of not knowing what to write about. After you’ve gotten your best writing ideas out there, it can be hard to figure out where to go now. If your blog is about a particular topic, such as gardening, you may need to do a bit of research to find out more things that you can write about. You’ll need to try to think out of the box in order to keep great content flowing to your site. For example, if you’ve wrote five posts about past gardens that you’ve had, start writing about the tools that you used for each one.

Difficulties That You May Have With Blogging

Your post could turn into a kind of mini review on the things that you’ve used while gardening.  Keep in mind that even though you should post frequently, you don’t need to post all of your content in one day. If you’ve wrote a few pieces that are ready to publish, post one at a time. You can even add a one to two day break between your posts. This will give you more time to come up with your next topic. If you’re new to blogging, don’t just expect the followers to come. You probably won’t have one thousand views within the first week of your blog. Try not to get discouraged if you don’t see your site visitors number increasing. If you advertise your blog on social media sites, post quality content, and comment on other blogs within your niche, you’ll soon find that the visitors are starting to come. It takes a bit of hard work and time, but it will pay off once you’ve gained some traffic.

Difficulties That You May Have With Blogging

Blogging can be a great way to express your thoughts about things, make friends, and possibly even make a bit of money. Running a successful blog takes a bit of dedication, but it won’t be as difficult as it may seem. Just keep in mind the important parts of blogging, such as posting frequently, and you’ll be on your way to a high traffic blog in no time.


February 10, 2019 in Social Media Marketing

Pinterest, the image based social media is delivering more referral traffic than every other social network site not called Facebook. As a matter of fact, Pinterest is the biggest referrer of visitors to websites on the whole internet, not only in contrast to its social networking counterparts. Getting followers on Pinterest will not only help to attract traffic to your web site, it’ll also increase the hype about your company.

More than 80% of Pinterest use happens on devices that are cellular. Which means pictures that are tall and thin in appearance are the best. That is why your Pinterest marketing plan should concentrate on creating images which are tall and vertical. Short pictures don’t catch your attention, pictures that are taller do. It’ll encourage more people to re-comment and save your pins to their Pinterest image collection.  


Images with overlay text drive more attention than just pictures. Adding a text overlay to your picture makes your message clear. Gimp and Pablo are two most common Pinterest advertising tools for adding text. Another point to remember is that whenever you upload Pictures for Pinterest, ensure that you include descriptions. Your description should contain keywords, words and phrases that connect to your company, market or niche. Keywords are important because that is how people find you when they would like to find certain types of pins. Add Key Words in descriptions, board names, and anyplace you may to get more viewers.

Using straight forward hashtags before the phrases will help you a lot to rank on search engines. This is a way that Pinterest’s internet search engine recognizes what a certain pin is about. Blending the hashtag with important keywords and phrases is important to your company. The visitors that Pinterest sends to the site are receptive and laser targeted. Pinterest became a major player in the social network universe with more than 150 million active monthly users. Google is paying more attention for Pinterest than any other social networking platform. This suggests that you can increase your internet search engine rankings and enjoy free targeted visitors by hopping on board to this super social network brand.